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Meet Your Broncs – #69 Christopher Johnson

Sunday, 11.23.2014 / 7:19 PM / Uncategorized



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Meet Your Broncs with Christopher Johnson

By: Matt Metzger

Meet Your Broncs will be a running series that features the members of the 2014-2015 Rider Broncs ice hockey team. Each week a new player will be featured giving Bronc fans the opportunity to learn more about their favorite player, both on and off the ice.

#69 Christopher Johnson
Height: 6’0″
Weight: 190
Position: Forward
Home Town: Freeport, NY
Academic Year: Freshmen

Q) At what age did you start playing hockey and who/what pushed you try and ultimately stick with the game?

– I started playing hockey at the age of three. My dad played hockey his whole life so he always pushed me to do the same and I wouldn’t have it another way.
Q)  Is their one particular play, goal, hit, save, etc…that really stands out over your playing career?
– My first goal will always have a special place. I was very young and our team was losing by a lot, I got the puck on the left boards by the red line. I pushed it by one defensemen and was coming to the net and took my shot that just slid five hole.
Q) Hockey is one of the more “team” based sports. What is the dynamic like to be a part of that atmosphere? (in the locker room, on the bus, practice, etc…)
– The atmosphere is the best part. Its more like a family of brothers then just a team. To me the memories off the rink are just as great as the ones on the rink.
Q)  Entering your first year at Rider, what do you think your biggest adjustment will be and what ultimately led you to continue your education and playing career at Rider? 
–  My biggest adjustment will be learning to manage the time I’ll be at hockey to my down time. I was looking to continue my hockey career and Rider gave me this opportunity.
Q)  Some hockey players are known to be very superstitious; do you have any superstitions, pre-game during, etc…?
– Having a clean tape job before the start of the game is important to me, and if i score with that tape job during the game I won’t re-tape in-between periods. In warmups i prefer to do most shooting or drills from the left side of the rink. I also talk to my stick sometimes on the rink.
Q) Favorite Team?
– Boston Bruins
Q)  Favorite Player?
– Steven Stamkos
Q) Pre-Game Meal?
– Some sort of candy with an energy drink and the Gatorade
Q)  What type of music, if any, do you listen to before a game?
– I always listen to house music to get me pumped for the game.
Q)  What is the one piece of equipment you are most picky about?
– I am most picky about what stick I use.