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Rider Alumni – #16 Nick D’Aurizio

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Meet Your Alumni

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Name: Nick D’Aurizio

Graduation Year: 2005

Major: Journalism/Public Relations

Employment: Account Manager at NextGen Healthcare Information Systems

Q: What is your fondest memory during your time as a Rider Bronc?

Easily, the road trips. Not even close. Hours on the bus with the boys, especially following a win, is something I miss the most about college in general, not just hockey. The overnight trips were always a blast.

Q: If you can recall, what factors lead you to attending Rider University to pursue your education and continue your ice hockey career?

The proximity to my family and friends was a big factor. The size of the school was appealing to me at the time as well. On top of that, the hockey team seemed to be a perfect fit for what I was looking for as far as competitiveness while still being able to enjoy the whole college experience.

Q: What advice would you give prospective student-athletes who are considering Rider University?

Be as forward-thinking as you can when picking your course of study. Focus on picking a major that you truly want to pursue down the line. Something that will prepare you for working in the real world. Even though I picked Journalism, and I am not necessarily writing for the media as the major would suggest, I learned many different skills in my course of study that prepared me for my current career; skills like clear communication, effective writing skills and a comfort presenting to large groups of people. These are skills I use every day at my current job.

Q: What advice would you give current Rider student-athletes (both on and off the ice advice)?

Enjoy every single second of college life. For many, these are the last years of your life when you don’t have to face all of life’s responsibilities (children, mortgages, bills, etc.) so go and pursue new experiences and adventures with your friends before it’s too late! Study abroad, take internships and meet new people. You’ll be happy you did years from now, trust me!

Q: How do you feel the level of competition was at the collegiate level?

I say it to the kids I coach now and other people I talk to – I played with and against some of the best players I have ever seen at the ACHA D2 level. This level of hockey is perfect for good hockey players that are realistic about their future and want to earn a degree from a respected University while still playing hockey at a high level. The commitment level of this hockey team was a perfect balance with my studies.

Q: Have you remained in the hockey community upon graduation? Adult leagues? Coaching? Referring?

Yes I have, I can’t stay away. Along with Coach Levin, we have been taking our talents to the Adult leagues of PA. I also have been Head Coach of my High School’s Hockey Team (William Tennent H.S.) for the past 5 seasons. I love the game and love passing it on to the younger generations.

Q: What did you consider the biggest rivalry game in your hockey career while at Rider?

Early in my career our games vs Montclair were all out war. Those games were intense. Later in my career, we had some battles against Temple as well. I miss those games – and I still don’t like either team.

Q: How has playing hockey helped you as a professional?

Being a hockey player has given me confidence. You need to have an air of confidence in yourself to succeed in both hockey and life in general. Trust in yourself, trust your abilities and do not be afraid to fail every now and then. When you fail, get up and get better. You have to earn everything in life and when things aren’t going your way, you make your own luck.

Q: Did you have a pre-game ritual before games? If so, what was it?

I may be the least superstitious hockey player in the world. For a while, one of my linemates Jon Bada and I would pound an energy drink before warmups. Then I realized it gave me incredible heartburn later in the game. Yeah, don’t do that….

Q: If you could give a pre-game message to the current team, what would it be?

It’s cliché, but play every game like it is your last. You have maybe 4 years of meaningful hockey left in your career. You don’t want to look back and say “I could have done this or that.” You want to be able to look at yourself years from now and say “I gave it everything I had and had a blast doing it.” Enjoy playing in front of a crowd, because when you’re playing men’s league with me and Coach Levin years from now with 2 people in the stands at 10:45 at night, you’re going to miss putting on a show in front of your friends and family. Most of all, enjoy this time in your life. It was the best time of my life and I wouldn’t trade a second of it.


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