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Meet Your Broncs – #33 Carter Siani

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Meet Your Broncs with Carter Siani

Meet Your Broncs will be a running series that features the members of the 2016-2017 Rider Broncs ice hockey team. Each week a new player will be featured giving Bronc fans the opportunity to learn more about their favorite player, both on and off the ice.

#33 Carter Siani
Height: 5’10”
Weight: 145
Position: Goalie
Home Town: Whitehouse Station, NJ
Academic Year: Sophomore

Q – At what age did you start playing hockey and who/what pushed you try and ultimately stick with the game?

A- I started skating and playing hockey at the age of three. The two factors that pushed me to stick with playing hockey were the fact that my older brother, Clayton, also played (he was a goalie as well), and for the love and excitement I have for every aspect of the game.

Q – Is their one particular play, goal, hit, save, etc…that really stands out over your playing career?

A – One particular moment/game that I believe really stands out to me during my hockey career was helping my high school team earn its first state playoff win which happened to be in overtime during my sophomore year. This stands out to me because it was both exhilarating and memorable, and it was a huge turning point for the organization.

Q  -Hockey is one of the more “team” based sports. What is the dynamic like to be a part of that atmosphere? (in the locker room, on the bus, practice, etc…)

A – Being a huge team sport, there are many additional factors as to why I love the game so much. Every team I have played for, especially ours right now, forms a huge bond which cannot be broken. From being a Mite and playing mini sticks in the hotel hallway until you get threatened to be kicked out of the hotel, to locker room conversations and laughs, to playing at a collegiate level and spending hours and hours on a bus for a weekend on the road, the is always a bond formed that makes the team more than just a team.

Q – New to Rider’s program, what has been the biggest adjustment?

A – Entering my first year at Rider as a transfer, the biggest adjustment I encountered was how much more work the team as a whole puts in compared to other teams. However, the fact that our team puts in much more work makes it that much more enjoyable to be a part of it.

Q – Some hockey players are known to be very superstitious; do you have any superstitions, pre-game during, etc…?

A – Being a hockey player and especially being a goalie, I do have superstitions. To name only a few of them, for instance, I always have to put on my right skate before my left skate; after that, my right pad before my left pad. Also, during warmups in a game I am starting, I have to make sure the last shot I face is a save. One more of my many superstitions is when angling out for a face-off, I always have to tap my stick and glove on the post in that order before moving out.

Q – Favorite Team?

A – New Jersey Devils

Q – Favorite Player?

A – Patrick Roy

Q – Pre-Game Meal?

A – No specific pre-game meal, but it has to be healthy and hours before the game; I do not like playing on a full stomach.

Q – What type of music, if any, do you listen to before a game?

A -The three types of music I listen to before games are rock, hip-hop, and EDM

Q – What is the one piece of equipment you are most picky about?

A – Although it does not affect my performance, the equipment I am most picky about are my compression shirts and shorts. Without them on underneath my equipment, it just does not feel right

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