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Meet Your Broncs #24 Ryan Ploppert

Friday, 12.09.2016 / 1:17 PM / Uncategorized



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Meet Your Broncs with Nate Fowler

Meet Your Broncs will be a running series that features the members of the 2016-2017 Rider Broncs ice hockey team. Each week a new player will be featured giving Bronc fans the opportunity to learn more about their favorite player, both on and off the ice.

#24 Ryan Ploppert
Height: 5’8″
Weight: 165
Position: Forward
Home Town: Holland, PA
Academic Year: Sophomore

Q – At what age did you start playing hockey and who/what pushed you try and ultimately stick with the game?

A- I started playing hockey at 6 and ultimately, my parents were always very supportive and pushed me to be a better player and person. Also, growing up with my dad being a huge hockey fan, I was always watching NHL games, which just continued to fuel my love for the game.

Q – Is their one particular play, goal, hit, save, etc…that really stands out over your playing career?

A – The one memory that really stands out is my first game back two years ago after having an intensive knee surgery the summer before. Being able to step back onto the ice was like having a dream come true, it was such a great feeling.

Q  -Hockey is one of the more “team” based sports. What is the dynamic like to be a part of that atmosphere? (in the locker room, on the bus, practice, etc…)

A – The locker room has to be what makes us all close as a team and keeps us motivated as a group.

Q – Being new to Rider, what is the biggest adjustment to playing on the college level?

A – The biggest adjustment to playing at a college level was definitely the speed of the game. When you’re out there for your shift, you have to be 2 steps ahead of the game and know what your going to do with the puck before the opportunity comes. At this level of hockey, thinking in the now isn’t going to bring your team success.

Q – Some hockey players are known to be very superstitious; do you have any superstitions, pre-game during, etc…?

A – The biggest adjustment will be time management and trying to make sure I get everything done. The decision to come to Rider was easy because it’s a smaller, suburban school and you really get the most out of your education.

Q – Favorite Team?

A – Philadelphia Flyers

Q – Favorite Player?

A – Patrick Kane

Q – Pre-Game Meal?

A – Pasta and toast

Q – What type of music, if any, do you listen to before a game?

A – Mostly, Meek Mill or Florida Georgia Line

Q – What is the one piece of equipment you are most picky about?

A – I am most picky about my sticks, because the curve I use is hard to find and I like using a higher kick point stick.